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1. Select the true characteristics of tigers.
(A) The ears of a tiger can move in different directions to catch the sounds from all around.
(B) A tiger cannot see at all at night.
(C) A tiger makes different sounds for different purposes.
(D) The roar of a tiger can be heard only upto 500 metres.
(1) A, C, D
(2) A, C
(3) B, C
(4) A, B, D

2. In our country there is a law on child marriage. This law has strictly fixed the minimum age of marriage which is
( 1) 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys
(2) 18 years for both
(3) 21 years for both
( 4) 16 years for girls and 19 years for boys

3. Pitcher plant (Nepenthese) is a special kind of plants which trap and eat frogs, insects and even mice. This plant has a special smell that attracts these organisms. In our country this
plant is found in
(1) Manipur
(2) Mizoram
(3) Assam
(4) Meghalaya

4. Select from the fo1lowing a list of animals which live in our houses.
(1) Spider, rat, cockroach, lizard
(2) Spider, lizard, cockroach, pigeon
(3) Cockroach, ant, rat, bat
(4) Rat, spider, lizard, squirrel

5. Select a group containing products obtained from petroleum.
(1) Petrol, diesel, biogas
(2) Wax, coal tar, grease
(3) Petrol, kerosene, charcoal
(4) L.P.G., petrol, biogas

6. A portion of railway time table for the route of an express train is given below:

As per above information the distance between Bhiwandi Road and Madgaon and the time taken to cover this distance by the express train respectively are
(1) 1509 km; 10 hours 30 minutes
(2) 1509 km; 10 hours 25 minutes
(3) 911 km; 10 hours 20 minutes
(4) 911 km; 10 hours 15 minutes

7. Most rice grows in Kalahandi district. This district is a part of
( 1) West Bengal
(2) Orissa·
(3) Jammu and Kashmir
( 4) Andhra Pradesh

8. King Ghadsi of Jaisalmer got a lake Ghadsisar made 650 years ago. It was spread over many kilometres and made in such a way that the water collected in rainy season could be
used throughout the year. Ghadsisar is no more in use but its structure can be seen in
(1) Haryana
(2) Gujarat
(3) Rajasthan
(4) Madhya Pradesh

9. After break while teaching EVS, if students are not taking interest what will you do?
(1) Take the children to playground.
(2) Change the topic immediately.
(3) Change their seats and put their head down on desk.
(4) Use audio-visual aids

10. At primary stage assessment should consist of
(1) half-yearly and annual examination
(2) · weekly home and class assignments
(3) continuous and unstructured teacher observations to be shared with learners and parents.
( 4) formal tests and games done every week.

11. The skills required to read a map includes
( 1) excellent communication skills to draw out the expressive ability
(2) ability to understand relative position of places, distances and directions.
(3) excellent drawing and painting skills.
( 4) ability to use calculations and sketch positions.

12. Which of the following is considered a motivated EVS class ?
( 1) Maximum attendance in the class.
(2) Remedial work given by the teacher.
(3) Questioning, experimenting and brain storming done in the class.
( 4) Pin drop silence in the class.

13. After being taught about the diversity of animals in India the students of primary class were taken to zoo by a school. This would help the students
(1) to co-relate classroom learning to real life situations.
(2) to develop respect for animals.
(3) to develop skills for environment and animal protection.
(4) have fun and for recreation.

14. Student of fifth grade with visual deficiency should be
( l) excused to do a high level work.
(2) helped with his/her routinework by parents and friends.
(3) treated normally in the classroom and provided strong support through Audio CDs.
(4) Given special treatment in the class.

15. Learning can be enriched if
( 1) situations from the real world are brought into the class in which students interact with each other and teacher facilitates.
(2) more and more teaching aids are used in the class.
(3) teachers use different types of lectures and explanations.
( 4) due attention is paid to periodic tests in the class.

16. Kritika who does not talk much at home, talks a lot at school. She actively takes part in discussions in the class room. It shows that
(1) a school is the place where her thoughts gets acknowledged.
(2) teachers demand that children should talk a lot at school.
(3) she does not like her home at all.
( 4) the school is not able to maintain discipline in Kritika's class

17. Which of the following factors is not considered the sign of 'being gifted' ?
(1) Having creative ideas
(2) Novelty in expressions
(3) Curiosity
( 4) Memorize a lot of material Quickly

18. Education of children with special needs should be provided
(1) along with normal children.
(2) in special schools in presence of parents.
(3) by general teachers in special school.
( 4) by special teachers in special schools.

19. A child in a class responds to new situations on the basis of the response made by him/her in a similar situation as in the past. This is related to
(1) 'Law of Analogy' of learning
(2) 'Law of Effect' of learning
(3) 'Law of Attitude' of learning process
(4) 'Law of Readiness' of learning

20. A teacher can identify a stressed child when the child shows the following behaviour :
(1) Aggressive behaviour
(2) Mistakes in learning
(3) Excessive talking
(4) Hyperactivity

21. In a class about five students are not doing well in EVS. Which of the following strategy should a teacher apply to help them understand the subject and develop interest in it ?
(1) Make them sit in the first row and supervise their work constantly.
(2) Ensure that they attend the school regularly.
(3) Give them additional assignments to do at home.
( 4) Make them do hands on activities and small activities or experiments on their own to
understand the concept better.

22. Motivation, in the process of learning
(1) sharpens the memory of learners
(2) differentiates new learning from old learning
(3) makes learners think unidirectionally
(4) creates interest for learning among young learners

23. Which one of the following would be the most suitable pedagogical method for an EVS class ?
(l) Based only on experiments
(2) Based only on lecturers
(3) Examination oriented
(4) Participative and discussion Based

24. Which among the following can find his female from many kilometers away by her smell?
(1) Ants
(2) Mosquitoes
(3) Silkworms
(4) Honeybees

25. Study each set of terms and identify the odd set.
(1) Goat, milk, meat
(2) Hen, meat, egg
(3) Cow, milk, butter
(4) Plants, vegetable, buttermilk

26. Oil the map of India, with regard to Delhi the directions of Jharkhand and Rajasthan respectively are
(1) East, West
(2) East, South
(3) West, East
(4) West, South

27. Select the correct statement about honeybees.
(1) Queen bee does not lay eggs.
(2) In a hive there are more males than the females.
(3) The worker-bees work all the day.
(4) The main role in the hive as a worker is performed by the male bees

28. The demand of cabbage and pea for food is increasing day-by-day in our country. · These two came to our country from
(1) Europe
(2) South Africa
(3) South America
(4) Egypt

29. Select the one which is different from others.
(1) Petrol
(2) Diesel
(3) L.P.G.
(4) Coal

30. Today most of us cannot think of food without chillies. Chillies were brought by traders to our country from
(1) Afghanistan
(2) Egypt
(3) South America
(4) Indonesia


1. B

2. A

3. D

4. A

5. B

6. D

7. B

8. C

9. B

10. B

11. B

12. C

13. D

14. C

15. A

16. A

17. B

18. D

19. A

20. A

21. D

22. D

23. D

24. A

25. D

26. A

27. D

28. D

29. D

30. A


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