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(सी-टेट नवम्बर 2012 मुंबई पेपर -2 सामाजिक विज्ञानं पहले ३ प्रशनो के उत्तर   )
Remaining 30 Questions with answers

31.  Dharavi in Mumbai is famous as
(1)  Film making place
(2)  High rise building
(3)  World's largest slums
(4)  House  of  'Slumdog Millionaire' hero

32.  Which of the following crops can be grown on sandy soils and needs low rainfall  and  high  to  moderate temperature ?
(1)  Jute
(2)  Cotton
(3)  Coffee
(4)  Millet

33.  Rivers constitute ___ percentage of fresh water.
(1)  0.0019
(2)  0.0001
(3)  0.001
(4)  0.009

34.  While teaching 'Regional Inequality’ which of the following would be the best suited method ?
( 1)  Lecture method
(2)  Field trip method
(3)  Discussion method
( 4)  Observation method

35.  While teaching Geography
(I)  Students  are  taught to remember  about  all  the important places of world with the help of mnemonics.
(2)  Only local  geography should be taught.
(3)  Processes  leading  to  events should be analyzed in the light of  reason  and  child's  own
( 4)  Distinction  between  natural sciences  and . social  sciences should be highlighted.

36.  Which of the  following  would be best  suited  to  enable  children  of Class-VIII to express their creativity ?
(1)  Collection of Coins
(2)  Preparation of Charts
(3)  Preparation of Scrapbooks
( 4)  Reading Newspapers

37.  To teach  "working  of the  water treatment  plant",  which  of  the following  methods would be  best suited?
( 1 )  Discuss importance  of water for human beings.
(2)  Take students on a field visit to treatment plant.
(3)  Assign a project on this topic to students.
(4)  Arrange delivery of a lecture by an expert on this topic.

38.  While preparing a lesson plan on the topic 'Gender Equality in India' what will be your first step ?
(1)  List  the  disadvantages  of Gender disparity
(2)  Frame objectives
(3)  Prepare the  list  of expected outcomes
( 4)  Think  about  the  plight  of eunuchs (transgenders)

39. Remedial teaching can be done for
(1)  any student not responding to usual class room methods
(2)  children from poor families
(3)  children from rural background
(4)  disabled children

40. The purpose of the 'Micro-teaching' is
(1)  To· analyse the performance of trainee  teacher  and  suggest feedback.
(2)  Teaching lessons in microparts for better understanding.
(3)  Micro  manage  student's behaviour.
(4)  Teaching by using micro-phone for the benefit of deaf students.

41.  Which one of the following can be used suitably to find out the relative  position of a student in a group ?
(1)  Grading
(2)  Percentage score
(3)  Percentile score
(4)  Composite score

42.  Which one of the following is most suitable about reflection of students thinking?
( 1 )  Students should not reflect on routine class work otherwise it will  delay  transaction  of
(2)  Students should not reflect on the competency of their teacher.
(3)  Peer tutors  should  substitute teachers frequently as it helps co-learners to better understand concepts.
(4)  An environment of mutual trust and context of reflection must be created by the teacher.

43.  The case study approach exclusively focus on
( 1)  avoiding definitions.
(2)  making children learn through their own experiences.
(3)  preparing  grounds  to  enable students to pursue law in their higher studies which involves case studies.
( 4)  encouraging  fixed  response tendency in students.

44.  Which one of the following is  not a  function  of remedial  teaching  in social sciences ?
( 1)  Enlisting the  types  of errors made by students.
(2)  Preventing errors in learning.
(3)  Assisting the  weak students after school hours.
( 4)  Ensuring that  students  learn things  by heart and practice a lot.

45. A test can not serve the purpose of
(l)  ascertaining  the  effectiveness of teaching-learning.
(2)  assessing  the  progress  of learning.
(3)  finding  out  strengths  and weakness of individuals.
(4)  ability to work in a group.

46. Which one of the following options is related to  the heuristic method of solving problems in geography ?
(1)  An intelligent hunch
(2)  Trial and error
(3)  Experiments
(4)  Cartographic field work

47.  Which one of the following is not an  aim of Social Science ?
(1)  to impart knowledge to become effective citizen
(2)  to develop social efficacy
(3)  to teach etiquette
(4)  to  develop  motivation  for participating in public affairs.

48.  The following are the  principles of curriculum construction except
( 1)  Child-centred
(2)  Conservative
(3)  Flexible
(4)  Humanitarian

49.  The basic objective of educational excursion in Social Science is
(1)  first  hand experiences to  the students
(2)  promote socialisation
(3)  promote team spirit
(4)  chanellising energy of children

50.  Which is not a type of map skill ?
(1)  Knowledge of scale
(2)  Knowledge  of  conventional sign
(3)  Knowledge  of  effects  of rotatory motion of the earth
(4)  Knowledge of direction

51.  While illustrating the formation of a coalition government, a teacher ask~ her students about their options had they  been sharing power with their friends and their partners threatening to withdraw support if their demands are  not  met.  The  teacher  is encouraging students to use which of the  following  skills defined in  the Bloom's taxonomy?
(1)  Application
(2)  Analytical
(3)  Synthesis
(4)  Knowledge

52.  In order to enhance the self-esteem of students, they should be allowed to
( 1)  take  part in  discussions  and debates.
(2)  listen to success stories such as of Stephan Hawkins, a disabled but great physicist and try  to emulate their example.
(3)  interact  as  much as  possible with peers  who achieve  at similar levels as their own.
( 4)  have opportunities to  enhance their  competence  in  the domains  they  are  naturally disposed to.

53.  Which is  not a technique/skill  of Social Science ?
(1)  Probing questions
(2)  Story telling
(3)  Reinforcement
( 4)  Illustration

54.  Which city of India is comparable as  Silicon Valley in California ?
(1)  Mumbai
(2)  Chennai
(3)  Hyderabad
(4)  Bangalore

55.  The total  population divided  into various  age  groups  is  indicated through
( 1)  Pattern of population change.
(2)  Population composition.
(3)  Population pyramid.
(4)  Division of human resources.

56.  Match the  correct sequence of the following:
(a) .  Malayalam  (i)  Kama taka
(b)  Marathi  (ii)  Gujarat
(c)  Gujarati  (iii)  Maharashtra
(d)  Kannada  (iv)  Kerala
       (a)  (b)  (c)  (d)
(1)  (i)  (ii)  (iii)  (iv)
(2)  (iv)  (iii)  (ii)  (i)
(3)  (ii)  (iii)  (iv)  (i)
(4)  (iii)  (ii)  (iv)  (i)

57.  Identify the State which has longest coastline from the following :
(1)  Gujarat
(2)  Andhra Pradesh
(3)  Maharashtra
(4)  Tamil Nadu

58.  Which State has longest international boundary with Pakistan ?
(1)  Gujarat
(2)  Punjab
(3)  Rajasthan
( 4)  Jammu and Kashmir

59.  When sun, moon and earth are in the same line,  which one of the  takes place?
( 1)  Spring ebb
(2)  Neap ebb
(3)  Spring tide
( 4)  Neap tide

60.  Which of  the  following  is  a depositional feature of sea waves ?
(1)  Sea cave
(2)  Sea cliff
(3)  Sea beach

(4)  Sea arches

31. C
32. A
33. B
34. D
35. C
36. B
37. B
38. B
39. A
40. A
41. B
42. C
43. D
44. B
45. C
46. C
47. D
48. C
49. C
50. C
51. A
52. A
53. C
54. D
55. A
56. D
57. C
58. D
59. B
60. A


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