Thursday, October 4, 2012

Qualities that CTET Searches in You

Qualities that Central Teachers Eligibility Searches in You

Do the CTET wants the would be teachers having certain qualities ?
Is govt. is planning to have changes in teaching pattern via new learning techniques?

The new teaching-learning procedure is based on child-centred classes. The fundamental point that should be noticed while conducting a child-centred class is that the students'  must be involved in more and more  activities, rather than traditional rote learning. Teachers should act as a guide not a solution while students are learning.

To improve the education system running in India and increase the literacy rate,our parliament has passed an act known as RTE(Right To Education) in accordance with the constitution. This act focuses on making our education system softer. Its basic aim is to develop the overall personality of a student as it provides that no child should be failed or expelled, and ensuring education for all children. Also they don't have to pass the board examination until they have completed the elementary education.

Above lines clearly mean that a student should not be given any type of stress. RTE is the first act in the world which takes the responsibility of a student's elementary education. Otherwise countries like USA etc. ask parents to send their children to school,rather then taking the entire responsibility as done in India. For this,our education system needs qualified and well-trained teachers who can run the schools as per the instructions of RTE. One more thing that needs to be noted is that due to introduction of RTE Act, the requirement of teachers are getting increased manifold.

So CTET exam is conducted to check-out the capabilities of such teachers who are tending to shape our country's future. For this,a picture of a model school should be grafted in the mind of every CTET aspirant. A model school directs to such a school where a teacher is a friend of his students,not a commander. Also he uses different ways to teach different topics and subjects. And these teaching-learning methods should be easy enough so that the student catches it easily and strongly without feeling any type of pressure.

So while preparing for CTET,we must keep in mind that we have to follow such a teaching pattern which gives more and more positive result, rather than traditional rote-learning.

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As an example, a sample methodology may look like below:



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