Monday, April 2, 2012

Right To Education (RTE) Act: Two years completed on April 1| निशुल्क और अनिवार्य बाल शिक्षा का अधिनियम २००९ की दूसरी वर्ष-गाँठ

Highlights of RTE Act 2010 operational since 01 April 2010

  • Total of 32 States had notified the State RTE Rules.Goa and Karnataka are the two States which have yet to notify the RTE Rules.
  • Total of 21 States had notified the SCPCRs/REPA. ( Grievance Redressal mechanism of States to address violations of the RTE Act.)
  • 31 States have notified the academic authority under section 29 of the RTE Act. (The academic authority under section 29 is responsible for ensuring that the curriculum and evaluation procedure is in accordance with constitutional values and the child centred principles enunciated in the Act.), It will help to improve the Quality of Education. ASER report is very important in this aspect. 
  • Most States have issued circulars and notifications to re-iterate the child centred provisions of the RTE Act. These include notifications and circulars prohibiting corporal punishment, detention, expulsion, Board examination at class V, VIII, etc.
  • A document prepared by MHRD on the occasion – RTE: The 2nd Year ­– gives the status with respect to enrolment indicators, teacher related indicators and infrastructure indicators. There has been a decline in the annual average dropout rate from 9.1 in 2009-10 to 6.9 in 2010-11. There has been an over 5% decline in drop out rate in Bihar (7.06), Jharkhand (5.30), Nagaland (6.23) and Uttar Pradesh (5.65). But, sadly, some States (Haryana, Mizoram) have also shown an increase in drop out rate. The percentage of girls’ enrollment to total enrolment at primary and upper primary level has remained at 48. This is on account of their overall share in the population. However, adverse child sex ratio is a cause of concern.
  • Insofar as teachers are concerned, at the national level there is a pupil teacher ratio of 30:1. Since RTE became operative, over 6 lakh teacher posts have been sanctioned under SSA by Government. 
  • As regards infrastructure, under SSA 4,96,231 classrooms have been sanctioned in the two years since RTE became operative.
  • The country is looking forward to meet the RTE goals in the coming years. The Central outlays for implementing the RTE-SSA programme have practically doubled since 2009-10 (Rs 13,100 crore in 2009-10 to Rs 25,555 crore in 2012-13)
Source: MHRD Document, RTE Act: The 2nd Year.


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