Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time management for CTET Exam

Time Management for CTET Exam 

A very important or say most important tool to step towards the ways to success. For a CTET aspirants, the latest success means to crack the Central Teacher Eligibility Test in the lowest number of attempt, and with a High Score.

Making Timetable

Almost every one of us make a time table when we decide to prepare for any examination.But the point is that how many of us really follow that.Strange na,we are unable to follow the routine which is designed by us only.
If we notice the basic reason behind that,we find that while making our study time-table we make it in such way that we can give as much time as possible to our books/study materials.
But gradually we ourselves are unable to follow that.Why such a strict time-table which can not be followed by the person for whom it has been designed!
So friends,while making a study-routine do remember one thing,'do not make a strict time-table,rather make a time-table which can be followed strictly'.
Along with your studies during your preparation days,do enjoy your favorite songs or have some refreshment.Because the combination of above gives a better and fruitful result.

So c'mon friends,pick up a pen n a paper.And start outlining your way to success.Gud luck.

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